elenaastoptalking whispered: All these feels I have for Eli!! it kills meeee!! he was so sweet in the prom episode and gorgeous and sweet and hot and omg!!!! it kills me because i want eli sooo bad!!!!

Oh I definitely know how you feel! Who WOULDN’T want an Eli?! ;)


Yes, sir! See you at 9pm ET/6pm PT on TeenNick!!!

Anonymous whispered: What do you think of Chloe Rose\Katie Matlin?

Chloe, I think she’s pretty awesome. As for her character Katie, I actually really like her. Not gonna lie, I hated her for a while in the beginning of season 12, but then as the season progressed I was like, she’s a great character! I wasn’t too fond of her in season 11.

mytelevisedmind whispered: You know your Eli at Prom (part 2) pics well do you have the senes of the pic from the top left and top right?

Oh wait, you totally meant like the scene! No :( I’m pretty sure those are deleted scenes.